The shape factory founded in 2013 under the leadership of the Bahraini young, ambitious and has developed its business entities by 2018, to become today one of the leading companies in the industry of packaging.

We seek to provide integrated services in the field of marketing packaging, specialized in the manufacture of boxes and paper bags, in addition to wedding and invitation cards, in addition to establishing a strategy of adding distinctive value and maintaining excellence to ensure customers ‘ confidence in providing high quality standards. We have a dedicated Bahraini team with expertise in packaging engineering, graphic design, E-Marketing Management, ready-made and special packaging production for products including companies and individuals, as well as photography and video for commercial and individual projects.

We believe it is our duty to take a certain style and shunt it into a creative and creative idea in a very different way. We are naturally distinguished by having a clear, private vision and a distinctive brand.

Our vision is to create a different and distinct creative image in the packaging industry and achieve a new and advanced concept for the production of cans, shopping bags and wedding cards in the Arab world that will enhance the reputation of the organization and help it achieve its goals.

Outstanding business partnership represented by the quality of our business and the creation of exciting marketing solutions that will attract the audience.

Production functions: paper box industry – paper bag industry-wedding Cards production.

Design services: designing advertising advertising-making special designs for individuals and companies – designing special templates for managing electronic content in communication sites.

Corporate identity: corporate logo design – brand building – re-designed Company logo.

Video production: production of promotional and corporate videos, public concerts, conferences and important events.

E-Marketing: Consulting, Solutions and marketing studies for commercial and individual accounts.